William SHEPHERD {M} = Mary HALE {F}


Jackson SHEPHERD {M}


Margaret SHEPHERD {F}

John Samuel SHEPHERD {M}


Marriage: Posted by:Barb Amburgey on Sat, 04 Sep 1999
Surname: Shepherd, Prater
Seeking help with connection to Magoffin or Floyd County Shepherds and Praters. I have William Shepherd b. May 1840 in Floyd Co.; m. 1) Mary Polly Hale m. 2) Elizabeth Prater Jan 22, 1874 Montgomery County KY. Elizabeth Prater born May 1850,Floyd county. Elizabeth Shepherd is said to be daughter of David Shepherd and Lucretia Hale. Can anyone confirm? I was told she married a very old man to keep from bonding her children. Although her son John was bonded to Brice Hale but ran away to Scioto County Ohio. Was this older man a Barnett? Who are Elizabeth Prater's parents? William and Elizabeth's children are:
James, Ambrose,George, Robert, David, Rosa, Rufus, Millie, and Effie. We believe some moved to Ohio, and perhaps Elizabeth too in later years. William and son James are said to be buried in Camargo KY.

Subject: Shepherd/Prather family
Posted by:Lyle LeMasters on Sun, 05 Sep 1999, in response to Shepherd/Prater Family, posted by Barb Amburgey on Sat, 04 Sep 1999
Surname: Shepherd, Watkins, Wadkins
Trying to seek info on Shepherds and Watkins/Wadkins that were in Magoffin Co.,KY and later Menifee Co.,KY. Barb you asked about the William Shepherd born in May 1840. This must be the William, Susan , and John Shepherd mentioned in the 1847 Floyd Co.,Ky court records in the summons to Thomas Watkins Sr. The children were mentioned in why they should not be bound out and Thomas Wadkins Sr was asked to show cause why they should not. Elizabeth Shepherd married Thomas Wadkins Sr in 1845 in Floyd Co.,KY. On the 1860 census of Magoffin Co.,Ky, Elizabeth Shepherd Wadkins and a Robert Wadkins were with her cousin William Shpherd aged 31. Is this William Shepherd the father of your William born May 1840? On the 1880 Menifee Co.,KY census your William Shepherd is listed with a son Amberris Shepherd. Not very far away is my Ambrose Wadkins. Ambrose Wadkins was with Thomas Wadkins Jr on the 1860 Magoffin Co.,KY census 7 houses from Wiliam Shepherd aged 31 and the Elizabeth Shepherd Watkins and Robert Wadkins in his household. I think Ambrose Wadkins and Robert Wadkins are the sons of or children left/bound out to to Elizabeth Shepherd Wadkins. Brice Shpherd and a Brice Hale were the ones that brought the charges against Thomas Watkins Sr in Floyd Co.,KY in 1847 concerning the Shepherd children. I doubt Thomas Wadkins Sr was the father because he was abt 93 years old when he married Elizabeth Shepherd and these Shepherd children were born before Elizabeth married Thomas Wadkins Sr. One of the William Shepherds sold 100 acres to my Ambrose Wadkins in Sept 1880 in Menifee Co.,KY. Now my Ambrose Wadkins and his possible brother Robert Wadkins were born abt 1846 and 1848-1849. I have yet to find them on the 1850 census and they are not listed with Thomas Wadkins Sr or Jr or in any other Wadkins household. My Ambrose Wadkins and Robert both married Lawson sisters. Ambrose Wadkins had most of his land dealings with Shepherds or with descendants/grandchildren of Winnie Wadkins and Jonathan Pitts. Barbara Ingram is researching this Winnie Wadkins. Winnie Wadkins came from the same area of NC as Thomas Wadkins Sr and his brother Benedct Wadkins Sr of Floyd Co.,KY about the same time. They do not know if and how Winnie Wadkins is related. Any information on the Shepherds or Wadkins that may help clear up these tangled lines would be appreciated. Will be glad to share the little that we have. Would appreciate the information you have on the bound out Shepherd children.

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