Benjamin Franklin SALYER {M} = Anna CASE {F}


Benjamin Franklin SALYER {M} = Luna GAYHEART {F} > Family

Dorthola SALYER {F}

Mary SALYER {F} = Corbett MULLINS {M} > Family

John Burton SALYER {M} = Dessa Mae TREMAIN {F} > Family

Charles Sturgill SALYER {M} = Eva KENDALL {F} > Family

Larry SALYER {M}

Harry Davis SALYER {M} = Carol SALYER {F} > Family

Joyce Ann SALYER {F} = Russell HUNSICKER {M} > Family

Millard Burton SALYER {M}

Lirley SALYER {F}

Shirley Temple SALYER {F} = BRIGHT {M} > Family

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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