Newton White BAYS {M} = Amanda PERRY {F}


Luther E BAYS {M}

Joseph Walter BAYS {M}

Alfred P BAYS {M}

Dennie P BAYS {M}

Eva S BAYS {F} = > Family

Robert H BAYS {M} = Flossie {F} > Family

Sena M BAYS {F} = Sammie L JORDAN {M} > Family

Maggie M BAYS {F} = Leslie ERWIN {M} > Family

Lona Denore BAYS {F} = Claude WEBB {M} > Family

Maurice N BAYS {M} = Tish BOWLING {F} > Family

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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