James SALYER {M} = Clista FLETCHER {F}


Roscoe SALYER {M} = Evalee MARSHALL {F} > Family

Raymond SALYER {M} = Mabel PATRICK {F} > Family

Samuel SALYER {M} = Doris MARSHALL {F} > Family

Johnny SALYER {M}

Marie SALYER {F} = Willard MARSHALL {M} > Family

Nora SALYER {F} = Frank DIEG {M} > Family

Ruth SALYER {F} = Caleb PINKS {M} > Family

Thomas SALYER {M}


1 : "State of KY, KY Dept Vital Statistics"
Date 741011, Age 089, Place MAGFN, Residence MAGOFFIN, Volume 067, Cert 33066, Deathvol 75

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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