Willie SALYER {M} = Elsie ANDERSON {F}


Arvel S SALYER {M} = Judith BANKS {F} > Family

Rollen Earl SALYER {M} = Betty Rose SALYER {F} > Family

Larry Claxton SALYER {M}

Ben J SALYER {M} = Florence PATTON {F} > Family

Ford SALYER {M} = Ruby ALLEN {F} > Family

Millard Rothel SALYER {M} = Evalee SALYER {F} > Family

Ina Blain SALYER {F} = Mule PYLES {M} > Family

Roy Ward SALYER {M} = Suedell ARNETT {F} > Family

Anna Mae SALYER {F} = C J COMBS {M} > Family

Noble Gentry SALYER {M} = Brenda {F} > Family

Joan Louise SALYER {F} = Jimmy ARNETT {M} > Family


1 : "State of KY, KY Dept Vital Statistics"
ARVEL S SALYER, Date 820806, Age 061, Place MAGFN, Residence MAGOFFIN, Volume 041, Cert 20105, Deathvol 82

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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