Nelson JOSEPH {M} = Mary SIZEMORE {F}


Martha Eunice JOSEPH {F} = Elige MCKENZIE {M} > Family

Earley JOSEPH {M} = Cumine SHEPHERD {F} > Family

Maudie JOSEPH1 {F} = John SLONE2 {M} > Family

Della JOSEPH {F} = Hack INGRAM {M} > Family

Ida JOSEPH {F} = Crawford STURGILL {M} > Family

Zona JOSEPH {F} = Billy BRADLEY {M} > Family

Lula\Lillie JOSEPH3 {F} = William Lee HALL {M} > Family

Lola JOSEPH4 {F} = Cyrus Denton TRIMBLE {M} > Family

Joe JOSEPH5 {M} = Ida JOHNSON {F} > Family


Marriage: Nelson Joseph married Mary Sizemore on 12 April 1890 at the home of Nelson Joseph. Witnesses Jackson Arnett and Ben Howard (?). John Joseph Minister.

Order book 9, page 135, April 22, 1890. Commonwealth vs. Nelson Joseph and Mary Sizemore. Adultery. This day came K. N. (?) Salyer and surrendered the defendant Nelson Joseph in open court and the defendant failing to give bond was placed in the custody of the jailer of Magoffin Co., and the --- and ---- being submitted to the Court and by consent of all the parties judgement for ----, Wherefor it is adjudged by the court that the Commonwealth of Ky. recover of the defendant Nelson Joseph and Mary Sizemore her cost herein expended and this cause is stricken from the docket.


1 : "Irene Pollands Hall ("
2 : "Irene Pollands Hall ("
3 : "Irene Pollands Hall ("
4 : "Irene Pollands Hall ("
5 : "Irene Pollands Hall ("

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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