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William Clayton Cook is said to have come into Eastern Kentucky with Daniel Boone, I believe, as well as Archibald Prater and others. It is also said that Cook Co., IL was named for his brother. This information was written on the back of a very old picture. A relative in Kentucky made me a copy of it, but I can't seem to locate it right now. I do have a typewritten copy of it which I can send you later if you're interested.

Dear Peggy, Thanks for all the info. Re message of 17 Dec 02:50, I'll have to check on the photo. Re message of 17 Dec 11:08, the information I have about John Prater's wife is that her name was Mary Brenton. I have a copy of something that someone used to get in the DAR and it listed her marriage at the home of her parents at Bethel, Nicholas County, KY. Re message of 17 Dec 12:06, I'm really thrilled to get anything that might connect with my gg grandfather William Clayton Cook. From info I have, he is supposed to have come into Kentucky with Archibald Prater. If he was the one you sent me the posting on, then he would have been about 37 years old when Sarah (Prater) Cook was born in 1807. Do you suppose she married someone that much older than her, or maybe the William Clayton Cook she married was the son of William Cook. I will certainly write to Mrs. Robert Huff who posted the query. Also in that same message, you mentioned David Bruton Wells. There were Wells that married into my May family line. In fact, there are 19 Wells mentioned in "The May Families of Eastern Kentucky" published by the Magoffin County Historical Society. My great aunt Elizabeth May married Matthew Wells. Also, Caleb D. May married Louisa Wells. In looking at the posting page you sent, I found 3 other things of interest to me. My other great grandmother was Margaret Ann Brashear. There were 2 queries about Brashears and one or two about the Berry family. We have a cousin by marriage who is researching the Berry family. So I passed that information on to him. I get the Kentucky Explorer magazine but so much of the time, I do not take the time to read all the queries. It's strange how one will read them online and won't on the printed page. We are also researching Bayes, Burrows, Lemaster, Tackett, Sandlin, Harbison (my husband's families) and Currie, Turman, Driskell, Loper, Thurman, Brashear, and May (my families). If you run across anything on any of these, let me know. I'm really enjoying our correspondence. You mentioned going to Denver. Where do you live? Have you figured out how distantly related we are? Thanks again for all the information. Bye now. Ruth
GG grandfather William Clayton Cook is said to have fought in the Revolution. He is also said to have come into Kentucky with Archibald Prater and Daniel Boone. Clayton Cook appeared on the Floyd Co. KY 1820 Census apparently with a family living with him. He married Sarah Prater 22 Mar 1829 in Floyd Co. KY. I think this must have been a second marriage in view of the 1820 Census. He is said to have been buried in Floyd Co. (now Magoffin Co.) where the cemetery was moved when a new school was built. His gravestone has been lost. We do not know birthdates or death dates for him. We do not know any of his ancestors.
Some of his children were:
Mary Ann Cook b 11 Dec 1833, d 4 Sep 1897 Morgan Co. KY, m. 17 Jun 1853 to Thomas Allen May
Elizabeth Cook m. James Randall
Wiley Cook m. Delilah Nichols
Miles Cook
There are many descendants of Mary Ann Cook and Thomas Allen May. If anyone has connections with these Cooks, please contact me. I'm eager to know more about William Clayton Cook, and I would be happy to share what info I have about his descendants. Ruth Harbison e-mail: harbison@flashnet
I've only recently discovered that the Claytons and Cooks were Quakers, and I've found some interesting webpages about them. I can't find out a thing about my William Clayton Cook, though. I know he married Sarah Prater in 1829 in Floyd Co. KY (I'm related to Peggy Sue Wilson through the Praters), and they had 4 children, one of which was my g grandmother Mary Ann Cook. That's really all I know for sure about him. He died a long time before Sarah did, and she lived with her daughter Mary Ann (Cook) May at White Oak in Morgan Co. KY. The Claytons on my mother's side are way back, the first one being William Clayton of Chichester, Sussex, England who married Joan Smith 30 Oct 1631. His son William Clayton was born about 1632 in England. This William's daughter, Mary Clayton, was born 29 Jun 1665, in Rumboldswyke, Sussex, England. She married John Beals of another prominent Quaker family. All of this depends, however, if we can establish for a fact that the William Cook b. 20 Nov 1774 and Sarah Hawkins b. 1792 are the same William Cook and Sarah Hawkins that were in Union Co. SC at the proper time. Now, tell me about your Claytons - and Cooks if you have any. Hope we can make some connections and maybe learn some more about our families.
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