Mauriano Joseph CAITO1 {M} = Lucia LANCELLOTI {F}


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Elinor CAITO4 {F} = John THOMPSON5 {M} > Family


Marriage: Maury, was the first in his family to graduate from College, a Brown University Alumnus. He was an All-American football player and outstanding athlete. Separately, in a newspaper article from 1933, when he was a 155-pound college freshman, he had distinguished himself at all of the Brown University's games and was one of the team's foremost candidates for All-American honors and played right-end. He owned a successful Box Manufacturing business.


1 : "GEDCOM file imported on 4 Jun 1999 from Paul J Caito"
2 : "Paul J Caito"
3 : "Paul J Caito"
4 : "Paul J Caito"
5 : "Paul J Caito"

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