Abner James DYKES {M} = Matilda MCCARTY {F}


John Harlin DYKES {M} = Lizzie LINDON {F} > Family

Helen DYKES {F} = Smith ALSEPT {M} > Family

Lora Jane DYKES {F} = Ceburn NICKELL {M} > Family

James DYKES {M} = Dora BARNETT {F} > Family

Newton DYKES {M} = Almeda THOMAS {F} > Family

William M DYKES {M} = Martha Ellen TAULBEE\ LOVELY {F} > Family

George DYKES {M} = Anny\Amy JACKSON {F} > Family

Nannie B DYKES {F} = Reuben W MAY {M} > Family

Emma DYKES {F} = Luther HAMMOCK {M} > Family

Charles DYKES {M} = Clara WILSON {F} > Family

Mary DYKES {F} = Kelly ELAM {M} > Family

Elizabeth DYKES {F} = George KING {M} > Family

David DYKES {M} = Lula CORNETT {F} > Family

Caroline DYKES {F} = James Wendell MAY {M} > Family

Sim Harlin DYKES {M} = Elizabeth (Lizzie) LINDON {F} > Family


1 : "Salyer, Elisabeth L. W., The Salyer Family: Genealogy & Reco"; Page P. 115

Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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