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Marriage: The following is from Brenda Salyer dated 5 March 1997 in an e-mail message to Laurie McKenzie:
Robert Shanklin married (2) Lydia Salyer, a second cousin. Lydia's first husband was Eli Stapleton, Shanklin's nephew. They had six children.
8. Logan H. (of Moll's Creek in Russell County) married (1) Polly Belcher. Nine children. Married (2)Sarah Riddle. Two children.
9. Eliza Ann (Aunt Sissy) married Morgan Slone. Eight children.
10. Livisa E. (Visy) married John Wesley Childress. Six children.
11. Elbert (see detail)(My husband's great-grandfather)
12. Ira G. married Mary Clevinger. Twelve children.
13. Eugenia Rebecca married Howard Stanley.
Divorce: Anna Divorced Robert for adultery. ( - direct line)


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30 Sep 2003
: "Dorothy, "Robert Shanklin Salyer," e-mail message from
: "Dorothy, "Robert Shanklin Salyer," e-mail message from
: "Dorothy, "Robert Shanklin Salyer," e-mail message from

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