Surnames beginning with O

O'BRIEN, Charlotte; {F}
O'BRIEN, Daniel; {M}
O'BRIEN, Hailee; {F}; 1993-
O'BRIEN, James F; {M}
O'BRIEN, Patrick; {M}
O'BRIEN, Sarah; {F}
O'BRIEN, Shaylyn; {F}; 1996-

O'DELL, Brandon; {M}
O'DELL, John; {M}
O'DELL, Jonathon; {M}

O'DONNELL, Maurice E; {M}; 1927-

O'FLAHERTY, Charles; {F}
O'FLAHERTY, Dennis; {M}
O'FLAHERTY, Dorothy; {F}
O'FLAHERTY, Kathy; {F}
O'FLAHERTY, Marge; {F}

O'HALLORAN, Jerry Kevin; {M}; 1962-
O'HALLORAN, Kati Elizabeth; {F}; 1989-; Greenville, Greenville Co, SC at Greenville General Hospital
O'HALLORAN, Kelli Louise; {F}; 1987-; Dunedin, Pinellas Co, FL at Mease Hospital
O'HALLORAN, Patrick James; {M}; 1991-; Southfield, Oakland Co, MI at Providence Hospital

O'MEARA, Anne Mae; {F}; 1912-; Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY
O'MEARA, Patrick F; {M}

OGLE, James; {M}
OGLE, Zachariah; {M}


OLDHAM, Cindy (OLDHAM, Cynthia June); {F}; 1958-; Royal Oak, Oakland Co, MI
OLDHAM, Cynthia June; {F}; 1958-; Royal Oak, Oakland Co, MI

OLIVER, Henrietta; {F}
OLIVER, Shade (OLIVER, Shadrock); {M}; 1828-
OLIVER, Shadrock; {M}; 1828-
OLIVER, William; {M}; 1870-1936; Breathitt Co, KY

ONDVDANK, Aaron; {M}; 1970-
ONDVDANK, John; {M}; 1949-
ONDVDANK, Tia Marie; {F}; 1976-

ONEY, Hezikiah; {M}
ONEY, Joseph; {M}; 1845-
ONEY, Mary Ellen (ONEY, Mollie Ann); {F}; 1838-1915
ONEY, Mollie Ann; {F}; 1838-1915
ONEY, Naomi Ruth; {F}
ONEY, Patty Sue; {F}
ONEY, Rhoda; {F}; 1867-
ONEY, Wilbur; {M}
ONEY, William; {M}

OSBORN, Chloe; {F}
OSBORN, Frankie Jane; {F}
OSBORN, Henry; {M}
OSBORN, Jonathan; {M}
OSBORN, Martha; {F}

OSBORNE, Comfort; {F}
OSBORNE, Nancy; {F}
OSBORNE, Sallie (OSBORNE, Sarah); {F}
OSBORNE, Sarah; {F}
OSBORNE, Virginia; {F}


OUSLEY, Bessie; {F}
OUSLEY, Edward; {M}
OUSLEY, Ned (OUSLEY, Edward); {M}

OWENS, "Cammie" (OWENS, Cambridge); {M}; 1920-
OWENS, Audrey Lee; {F}; 1912-
OWENS, Betty (OWENS, Elizabeth); {F}
OWENS, Billie Colletta; {F}
OWENS, Byrd; {M}; -1959
OWENS, C M; {M}; -1982
OWENS, Cambridge; {M}; 1920-
OWENS, Carrie; {F}
OWENS, Eliza (OWENS, Louisa); {F}; 1826-
OWENS, Elizabeth; {F}
OWENS, Elizabeth; {F}; 1924-
OWENS, Grace; {F}; 1914-
OWENS, Irene; {F}; 1922-
OWENS, James; {M}
OWENS, James Woodrow; {M}; 1916-
OWENS, Jaspar; {M}
OWENS, Jasper; {M}; 1905-1980
OWENS, Jim; {M}
OWENS, Lee Ester; {F}
OWENS, Lena; {F}; 1908-1911
OWENS, Lillian Ray Pearl; {F}
OWENS, Linda; {F}
OWENS, Louisa; {F}; 1826-
OWENS, Lucy; {F}; 1906-1974
OWENS, Mabel; {F}; 1926-
OWENS, Mary Sue; {F}; 1931-
OWENS, Muriel; {F}
OWENS, Nealis; {F}; 1918-
OWENS, Opal; {F}; 1910-
OWENS, Prock\Proctor; {M}; 1875-1962
OWENS, Proctor; {M}; 1928-
OWENS, Ray J; {M}
OWENS, Robert; {M}; 1803-1878; VA

OZOG, Eric James; {M}; 1980-
OZOG, Lawrence Stanley; {M}; 1950-
OZOG, Natalie Ann; {F}; 1981-

Oldham, Raymond Busch; {M}; 1920-1991; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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