Surnames beginning with W

WADDLE, Harve; {M}
WADDLE, Mary; {F}; 1887-1915; Floyd Co, KY


WADKINS, Joseph; {M}
WADKINS, Lucinda; {F}
WADKINS, Samuel; {M}; 1852-
WADKINS, Thomas; {M}; BET 1813 AND 1816-; VA
WADKINS, Thomas Family1 Family2; {M}; 1751-; Rowan Co, NC
WADKINS, William; {M}; 1840-; KY

WAGERS, Mary; {F}

WAGNER, Dorothy Martha; {F}; 1923-; Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CA

WALDO, Joseph; {M}; 1984-
WALDO, Joshua; {M}; 1990-
WALDO, Robert; {M}

WALKER, Benjuamin; {M}; 1853-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Catherine; {F}; 1851-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Cynthia; {F}; 1844-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Elizabeth; {F}; 1838-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, James; {M}; 1846-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, James Gregory; {M}; 1946-
WALKER, James Gregory; {M}; 1971-; Tarboro, NC at Tarboro Hospital (Now Heritage Hospital)
WALKER, Jennifer; {F}; 1974-; Tarboro, NC at Tarboro Hospital (Now Heritage Hospital)
WALKER, John A; {M}
WALKER, Lewis; {M}; 1859-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Martha; {F}; 1842-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Mary; {F}; 1841-1913; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Nancy; {F}; 1837-; Perry Co, KY
WALKER, Susanna; {F}
WALKER, Thomas Alexander; {M}; 1818-; Knox Co, KY
WALKER, William; {M}
WALKER, William; {M}; 1849-; Perry Co, KY

WALKINS, Lillian; {F}

WALL, Jill; {F}
WALL, Lisa; {F}
WALL, Stu; {M}

WALLEN, Milt; {M}
WALLEN, Sally; {F}; 1897-1973; Water Gap, Floyd Co, KY
WALLEN, Tammie; {F}

WALSH, Ron; {M}; 1946-; Chicago, Cook Co, IL

WALTERS, Deborah; {F}
WALTERS, Dorse; {M}
WALTERS, Ellen; {F}
WALTERS, Eloise; {F}
WALTERS, Mary; {F}
WALTERS, Melliavee; {F}
WALTERS, Rachel Lynn; {F}
WALTERS, Rebecca; {F}
WALTERS, Roy Kevin; {M}
WALTERS, Trace Dawn; {F}
WALTERS, William; {M}; 1904-2002; Melvindale, Wayne Co, MI

WANNER, Cheryl Elizabeth; {F}; 1958-

WARD, Irene; {F}

WARNE, Brian; {M}
WARNE, Jason; {M}; 1988-
WARNE, Jeffrey Robert; {M}; 1966-; IN
WARNE, Matthew Robert; {M}; 1987-

WARNER, David; {M}; 1943-
WARNER, Joanna; {F}; 1970-
WARNER, Sarah; {F}; 1972-

WATKINS, Alfred; {M}; 1835-
WATKINS, Barbara; {F}
WATKINS, Big Sis (WATKINS, Mary Ellen); {F}; 1894-1983; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Charles; {M}; 1823-; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, Cheryl Anne; {F}; 1947-
WATKINS, Edwin; {M}; 1833-
WATKINS, Elizabeth; {F}; 1869-1959; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, Emma; {F}; 1837-
WATKINS, Florence; {F}; 1872-1931; England
WATKINS, Geoff; {M}
WATKINS, George; {M}; 1880-1939; England
WATKINS, James; {M}
WATKINS, James; {M}; 1828-1905; Monmouth, Wales, England at Waybridge Lane
WATKINS, James Charles; {M}; 1918-1989; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, James Charles; {M}; 1943-
WATKINS, Janie Renee; {F}
WATKINS, Jean Vianney; {M}; 1916-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Jimmy; {M}
WATKINS, Joan Phyllis; {F}; 1925-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, John; {M}; 1831-
WATKINS, Johnny; {M}
WATKINS, Joseph Patrick; {M}; 1944-1944; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Mt Olivet Cemetery
WATKINS, Joseph William; {M}; 1914-1994; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Joshua Lynn; {M}
WATKINS, Katherine; {F}; 1864-1920; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, Kathleen Marie; {F}; 1951-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Kirby Doane; {M}; 1981-
WATKINS, Lewis; {M}
WATKINS, Lillian; {F}
WATKINS, Mairead Eileen; {F}; 1984-
WATKINS, Margaret Mary; {F}; 1922-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Mary; {F}; 1805-1877; TN
WATKINS, Mary Beth; {F}; 1956-
WATKINS, Mary Ellen; {F}; 1894-1983; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Matthew David; {M}; 1975-
WATKINS, Maureen; {F}; 1949-1949
WATKINS, Patricia Anne; {F}; 1928-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Patricia Anne; {F}; 1947-
WATKINS, Patricia Jean; {F}; 1955-
WATKINS, Patrick; {M}; 1969-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Paul Francis; {M}; 1931-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Paula; {F}; 1970-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Polly (WATKINS, Mary); {F}; 1805-1877; TN
WATKINS, Rose; {F}; 1863-1931; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, Rosemary; {F}; 1930-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, Rosemary Teresa; {F}; 1949-
WATKINS, Sarah; {F}
WATKINS, Sarah Jane; {F}; 1864-1937; Monmouthshire, Wales, England
WATKINS, Shelia; {F}
WATKINS, Thomas; {M}; Wales
WATKINS, Thomas; {M}; 1752-
WATKINS, Thomas; {M}; 1826-; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, Viola; {F}
WATKINS, William Doane; {M}; 1942-
WATKINS, William Henry; {M}; 1866-1930; Monmouth, Wales, England
WATKINS, William Henry; {M}; 1893-1969; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
WATKINS, William Michael; {M}; 1971-

WATSON, Adam; {M}
WATSON, Branch; {M}; 1878-
WATSON, Evelyn J; {F}; -1996
WATSON, Flora; {F}
WATSON, Frank M; {M}; 1847-
WATSON, Harrison; {M}
WATSON, John M; {M}; 1875-
WATSON, Josephus; {M}
WATSON, Lewis Wedsil; {M}; 1873-
WATSON, Logan; {M}
WATSON, Mary; {F}
WATSON, Mary; {F}
WATSON, Morgan; {M}; 1883-
WATSON, Olivia; {F}
WATSON, Ortha; {F}
WATSON, Reed; {M}
WATSON, Reed; {M}; 1870-1928
WATSON, Rose Ann; {F}
WATSON, Susan; {F}; 1880-
WATSON, Susie (WATSON, Susan); {F}; 1880-

WATT, Austin James; {M}; 1989-; Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, WI at St Joseph Hospital
WATT, Edward Charles Matthew; {M}; 1931-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
WATT, Edwin; {M}; 1927-1928; Royal Oak, Oakland Co, MI at Roseland Park Cemetery (Mausole
WATT, Edwin Franklin; {M}; 1897-1972; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
WATT, Gary Joseph; {M}; 1958-; Warren, Macomb Co, MI
WATT, Genny (WATT, Jeanette); {F}
WATT, James Joseph; {M}; 1925-1997; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Providence Hospital
WATT, James Samuel; {M}; 1861-1915; Williamsport, Lycoming Co, PA
WATT, Jason E; {M}; 1986-
WATT, Jeanette; {F}
WATT, Katherine; {F}; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Mt Elliot Cemetery
WATT, Kathy Ann; {F}; 1960-; Warren, Macomb Co, MI
WATT, Katy (WATT, Katherine); {F}; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Mt Elliot Cemetery
WATT, Kim James; {M}; 1952-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Grace Hospital
WATT, Margaret; {F}; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Mt Elliot Cemetery
WATT, Raymond; {M}
WATT, Samantha Jo; {F}; 1978-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
WATT, Sheree Anne; {F}; 1955-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at New Grace Hospital
WATT, Susan Renee; {F}; 1961-; Warren, Macomb Co, MI
WATT, Thomas Edward; {M}; 1956-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

WATTS, Laura; {F}

WAYNE, Alex David; {M}; 1991-
WAYNE, David; {M}; 1972-
WAYNE, Samantha; {F}; 1993-

WEBB, ; {M}
WEBB, Adam Phillip; {M}
WEBB, Ann; {F}; 1832-
WEBB, Annie J; {F}; 1912-1992
WEBB, Betty; {F}
WEBB, Bruce Jonathon; {M}; 1968-
WEBB, Burton James; {M}; 1966-
WEBB, Charlotte; {F}
WEBB, Claude; {M}
WEBB, D S; {M}; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Harris Arnett Cemetery
WEBB, David; {M}; 1938-
WEBB, Dock (WEBB, D S); {M}; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Harris Arnett Cemetery
WEBB, Donald; {M}; 1944-
WEBB, Erin Kathleen; {F}; 1993-
WEBB, Faron Dean; {M}
WEBB, Ferlin Gene; {M}
WEBB, Freeman; {M}
WEBB, Gene; {M}
WEBB, Goldie Elizabeth; {F}; 1924-
WEBB, Harold F; {M}; 1926-
WEBB, Hersey; {M}
WEBB, Ithella Fern; {F}; 1921-
WEBB, Jacinda Bea; {F}; 1974-
WEBB, Jayne Bethany; {F}; 1973-
WEBB, Jim (WEBB, Vernon James); {M}; 1941-
WEBB, Josephine; {F}
WEBB, Kelsea Jo; {F}; 1989-
WEBB, Lorna; {F}; 1996-
WEBB, Marcia; {F}; 1966-
WEBB, Marcus; {M}; 1959-
WEBB, Marjorie; {F}; 1969-
WEBB, Mason James; {M}; 1990-
WEBB, Matthew; {M}; 1970-
WEBB, Maxine; {F}
WEBB, Melodee; {F}; 1961-
WEBB, Natashia; {F}
WEBB, Nathan; {M}
WEBB, Natonia; {F}
WEBB, Nicole; {F}
WEBB, Paula; {F}; 1968-
WEBB, Phillip; {M}; 1946-
WEBB, Ruth; {F}; 1939-
WEBB, Sarah; {F}
WEBB, Terry; {M}
WEBB, Travis James; {M}
WEBB, Trevor Stephen; {M}; 1992-
WEBB, Tyler David; {M}
WEBB, Vernon; {M}; 1909-1947
WEBB, Vernon James; {M}; 1941-
WEBB, Vivian; {F}
WEBB, Wayne; {M}
WEBB, Willa Jean; {F}; 1929-

WEBSTER, Brent; {M}; 1970-
WEBSTER, Stacy Lee Ann; {F}; 1975-; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
WEBSTER, Thomas Roland; {M}; 1948-; Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
WEBSTER, Tom (WEBSTER, Thomas Roland); {M}; 1948-; Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

WECKERLE, Adrienne; {F}; 1974-
WECKERLE, Francis (Frank); {M}; 1948-
WECKERLE, Sarah; {F}; 1980-
WECKERLE, Skip (WECKERLE, Francis (Frank)); {M}; 1948-
WECKERLE, Susanna; {F}; 1977-

WEIDNER, Gina; {F}

WEIRICH, David; {M}; 1959-

WEISS, Frank; {M}; 1885-1935; MI
WEISS, Julius; {M}

WELCH, Agnes; {F}; 1895-1988; Whitewater? Jefferson?, WI
WELCH, Arthur; {M}
WELCH, Bessie; {F}
WELCH, John; {M}

WELLS, Albert B; {M}; 1872-; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, Allie (WELLS, Mary Alice); {F}; 1885-1932; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, Benjamin F; {M}; 1843-1887; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Bertie (WELLS, Albert B); {M}; 1872-; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, Charles; {M}; 1870-1870; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, D.B. (WELLS, David Bruton); {M}; 1839-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, D.T. (WELLS, Daniel T); {M}; 1849-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Daniel T; {M}; 1849-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, David Bruton; {M}; 1839-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, David Herbert; {M}; 1882-1970; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, E.C. (WELLS, Elijah C); {F}; 1831-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Elijah C; {F}; 1831-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Elisha H; {M}; 1841-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Frances Mae; {F}; 1891-1989; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, Fred; {M}; 1869-; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, George H; {M}; 1848-1866; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Herb (WELLS, David Herbert); {M}; 1882-1970; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, James L; {M}; 1836-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Jennie; {F}; 1876-; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, John A; {M}; 1873-1883; Coles Co, IL
WELLS, John Jefferson; {M}; 1833-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Lucinda; {F}; 1828-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Mary Alice; {F}; 1885-1932; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, Mary E; {F}; 1846-1846; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Nancy J; {F}; 1838-1863; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Nora Alice; {F}
WELLS, Rebecca Ann; {F}; 1844-1864; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Sarah E; {F}; 1854-1918; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Unknown; {M}
WELLS, Walter Edwin; {M}; 1892-1914; Iredell, Bosque Co, TX
WELLS, William; {M}
WELLS, William; {M}; 1805-; VA
WELLS, William Thomas; {M}; 1832-; Morgan Co, KY
WELLS, Willie; {M}; 1871-1872; Coles Co, IL

WERKMIESTER, Michael Steven; {M}

WERNER, Edward J; {M}

WEST, Lindsey Marie; {F}
WEST, Nathan James; {M}
WEST, Robert John; {M}

WHALEN, Catherine Family1 Family2; {F}; 1921-1995; N Las Vegas, San Miguel Co, NV

WHEAT, Evelyn Roxanne; {F}; 1953-

WHEATLEY, Amelia; {F}; 1812-1880
WHEATLEY, Arthur; {M}
WHEATLEY, Jackie; {F}
WHEATLEY, Sarah; {F}; 1842-

WHEELER, Gery; {F}

WHELTON, Courtney; {F}

WHIPKEY, Fred; {M}

WHISNAT, Charles; {M}

WHISSMAN, Daisy; {F}

WHITAKER, Alexander; {M}; 1867-
WHITAKER, Amanda; {F}; 1849-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Amanda; {F}; 1872-
WHITAKER, Ann; {F}; 1872-; KY
WHITAKER, Annie; {F}
WHITAKER, Arthur; {M}; 1890-; KY
WHITAKER, Benjamin; {M}; 1856-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Bennie; {M}; 1877-; KY
WHITAKER, Bernard; {M}
WHITAKER, Betty; {F}; 1875-
WHITAKER, Betty/Betsy (WHITAKER, Elizabeth); {F}; 1832-1910; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Beverly; {M}; 1896-; KY
WHITAKER, Burns; {M}
WHITAKER, Burns; {M}; 1913-2005; Alger, Hardin Co, OH
WHITAKER, Camellis; {M}; 1875-1947
WHITAKER, Castle; {M}
WHITAKER, Celia; {F}; 1837-
WHITAKER, Colwell; {M}; 1875-
WHITAKER, Cynthia; {F}; 1838-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Cynthia; {F}; 1867-; KY
WHITAKER, Daniel; {M}; 1855-; Middle Creek, Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, David; {M}; 1832-; KY
WHITAKER, David; {M}; 1858-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Delaney; {F}; 1866-
WHITAKER, Delaney Family1 Family2; {F}; 1884-1950; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Kirk Howard Cemetery
WHITAKER, Edia; {M}; 1878-; KY
WHITAKER, Elijah Family1; {M}; 1836-
WHITAKER, Eliott; {F}; 1869-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Eliza; {F}
WHITAKER, Eliza; {F}; 1818-1915; Long Creek, Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Elizabeth; {F}; 1832-1910; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Elliott; {M}
WHITAKER, Elmore Smith; {M}; 1846-
WHITAKER, Emily; {F}; 1854-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Emily; {F}; 1872-; KY
WHITAKER, Fannon; {M}; 1859-
WHITAKER, Farisee; {F}; 1869-
WHITAKER, Florence Mae; {F}
WHITAKER, Floyd\Ford; {M}; 1869-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Forest Rose; {F}; 1859-; KY
WHITAKER, Francis A; {M}; 1794-; VA
WHITAKER, Francis A; {M}; 1851-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Francis M "Frank"; {M}; 1831-
WHITAKER, Frank; {M}
WHITAKER, Frank (WHITAKER, Francis A); {M}; 1794-; VA
WHITAKER, Frank (WHITAKER, Francis A); {M}; 1851-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Franklin; {M}; 1869-
WHITAKER, Franklin H. (Francis); {M}; 1831-
WHITAKER, George; {M}
WHITAKER, George; {M}; 1848-; KY
WHITAKER, George; {M}; 1862-
WHITAKER, Gladys; {F}
WHITAKER, Harriet Elizabeth; {F}; 1861-1939; Breathitt Co, KY
WHITAKER, Harris; {M}; 1868-
WHITAKER, Henry; {M}; 1902-; KY
WHITAKER, Herald; {M}; 1918-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Jackson; {M}; 1879-
WHITAKER, Jacob; {M}
WHITAKER, Jahaza; {F}; 1852-; KY
WHITAKER, James; {M}
WHITAKER, James O; {M}; BET 1804 AND 1806-; VA
WHITAKER, James O; {M}; 1824-
WHITAKER, James O; {M}; 1854-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Jefferson; {M}; 1863-
WHITAKER, Joe; {M}; 1893-; KY
WHITAKER, John; {M}; 1878-; KY
WHITAKER, John M; {M}; BET 1858 AND 1860-
WHITAKER, Johnson; {M}; 1846-1919
WHITAKER, Johnson S; {M}; 1845-1877
WHITAKER, Johnson\Johnston; {M}; BET 1800 AND 1802-1871; Scott Co, VA
WHITAKER, Jont (WHITAKER, Johnson); {M}; 1846-1919
WHITAKER, Joshua; {M}; 1675-1719; London, England
WHITAKER, Julia; {F}; 1879-; KY
WHITAKER, Katherine Conley; {F}; 1867-1956; KY
WHITAKER, Katie (WHITAKER, Katherine Conley); {F}; 1867-1956; KY
WHITAKER, Lark; {M}; BET 1861 AND 1863-1880; KY
WHITAKER, Larkin C; {M}; 1852-
WHITAKER, Latisha; {F}; 1854-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Laurabell; {F}; 1873-
WHITAKER, Lavinia; {F}; 1869-; KY
WHITAKER, Lee; {M}; 1874-; KY
WHITAKER, Lewis; {M}; 1861-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Linda; {F}
WHITAKER, Lis (WHITAKER, Ulysses G); {M}; 1875-; KY
WHITAKER, Lit (WHITAKER, Seltohem); {M}; 1862-
WHITAKER, Louis\Lewis; {M}
WHITAKER, Lurana; {F}; 1856-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Lydia M; {F}; 1869-; KY
WHITAKER, Malinda; {F}; 1835-
WHITAKER, Margaret; {M}; 1839-; KY
WHITAKER, Mark; {M}; 1806-1887
WHITAKER, Mark; {M}; 1819-; KY
WHITAKER, Mark M; {M}; 1770-1814; VA
WHITAKER, Mark Marcus; {M}; 1726-; Kenneth Square, Chester, TN
WHITAKER, Mark Marcus; {M}; 1750-1842
WHITAKER, Martha; {F}
WHITAKER, Martha; {F}; 1869-; KY
WHITAKER, Martin; {M}; 1832-
WHITAKER, Martin; {M}; 1861-
WHITAKER, Marvin; {F}
WHITAKER, Marvin; {M}
WHITAKER, Mary; {F}; 1815-; VA
WHITAKER, Mary; {F}; 1830-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Mary; {F}; 1864-
WHITAKER, Mary; {F}; 1898-; KY
WHITAKER, Matilda; {F}; 1815-
WHITAKER, Mellie; {F}; 1907-1984
WHITAKER, Monk (WHITAKER, Betty); {F}; 1875-
WHITAKER, Morgan C; {M}; 1834-1918; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Nancy; {F}; 1852-
WHITAKER, Nancy Jane; {F}; 1852-
WHITAKER, Nora; {F}; 1905-; KY
WHITAKER, Orleana\Polena?; {F}; 1856-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Orville; {M}
WHITAKER, Osie; {M}; 1900-; KY
WHITAKER, Paul; {M}; 1921-1999; Salyersville, Magoffin Co, KY at Blue Grass Cemetery
WHITAKER, Polley; {F}; 1869-
WHITAKER, Pop (WHITAKER, Mary); {F}; 1830-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Poppy; {F}; 1862-; KY
WHITAKER, Ramey; {M}
WHITAKER, Raymond; {M}
WHITAKER, Reuben; {M}; 1858-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Rhoda; {F}; 1850-
WHITAKER, Robert; {M}; 1604-; Padiham, England
WHITAKER, Robert; {M}; 1637-1682
WHITAKER, Robert; {M}; 1825-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Ronald; {M}
WHITAKER, Rosemary; {F}
WHITAKER, Rosencrans; {M}; 1868-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Sally (WHITAKER, Sarah A); {F}; 1853-
WHITAKER, Sarah A; {F}; 1853-
WHITAKER, Sarah Margaret; {F}; 1857-; KY
WHITAKER, Seltohem; {M}; 1862-
WHITAKER, Serena; {M}; 1859-
WHITAKER, Siney; {F}; 1877-
WHITAKER, Smith; {M}; 1865-; KY
WHITAKER, Stella; {F}
WHITAKER, Steve; {M}; 1875-1971; Prestonsburg, Floyd Co, KY in the Jack Arnett Cemetery
WHITAKER, Susan; {F}; 1868-
WHITAKER, Susana; {F}; 1866-
WHITAKER, Susanah; {F}; 1852-
WHITAKER, Susanna\Susan; {F}; 1867-; KY
WHITAKER, Susannah; {F}; 1805-
WHITAKER, Tennessee; {F}; 1860-; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Thomas; {M}
WHITAKER, Thomas; {M}; 1839-1874; Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Thomas Benton; {M}; 1856-
WHITAKER, Thomas N; {M}
WHITAKER, Thomas P; {M}; 1830-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Tom; {M}; 1935-; Puncheon Creek, Magoffin Co, KY
WHITAKER, Ulysses G; {M}; 1875-; KY
WHITAKER, Unnamed son; {M}; 1858-; Licking River, Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, Vincent; {M}; 1863-; KY
WHITAKER, Vincent; {M}; 1878-
WHITAKER, Wes (WHITAKER, Wesley C); {M}; 1848-1930
WHITAKER, Wesley Family1 Family2; {M}; 1848-
WHITAKER, Wesley C Family1; {M}; 1848-1930
WHITAKER, Wiley Family1; {M}; 1826-
WHITAKER, Wilkenson; {M}; 1856-
WHITAKER, William; {M}; 1582-; Yorkshire, England
WHITAKER, William; {M}; 1701-1789; Grindleton, York, England
WHITAKER, William C; {M}
WHITAKER, William C; {M}; 1830-; Floyd Co, KY
WHITAKER, William P; {M}; 1815-; VA
WHITAKER, William R; {M}; 1827-1865

WHITE, Bill; {M}
WHITE, Diana; {F}
WHITE, Everett G; {M}
WHITE, Gwendolyn Mary; {F}; 1926-; Starke Co, IN
WHITE, Rebecca Marilyn; {F}
WHITE, Roger; {M}
WHITE, Ruth Ann; {F}
WHITE, Thomas Raymond; {M}
WHITE, Tina; {F}

WHITE Johnson, Mary Kathryn; {F}; 1952-

WHITELY, Cena; {F}

WHITT, Gene; {M}
WHITT, George Jackson; {M}
WHITT, Gracie; {F}
WHITT, Jemima; {F}; 1817-
WHITT, Sarah; {F}

WIEDENAFT, Denise; {F}

WIESE, Carole Faye; {F}; 1948-; Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

WIGGINS, Brian; {M}
WIGGINS, Brian; {M}
WIGGINS, Cassandra; {F}
WIGGINS, Craig; {M}
WIGGINS, Dale; {M}
WIGGINS, Dale; {M}
WIGGINS, Danielle; {F}
WIGGINS, Doug; {M}
WIGGINS, Doug; {M}
WIGGINS, Elizabeth; {F}
WIGGINS, Elizabeth; {F}
WIGGINS, James; {M}
WIGGINS, Jodie; {F}
WIGGINS, Lacye; {F}
WIGGINS, Leola; {F}
WIGGINS, Randy; {M}
WIGGINS, Shauna; {F}
WIGGINS, Shelley; {F}
WIGGINS, Steve; {M}
WIGGINS, Thomas; {M}
WIGGINS, Tonya; {F}
WIGGINS, Wayne; {M}

WILCOCK, Charles; {M}

WILDESON, Ethel Ruth; {F}


WILLIAMS, Albert; {M}; 1933-
WILLIAMS, Albert Landon; {M}; 1889-1970
WILLIAMS, Alvanna; {F}; 1898-
WILLIAMS, Benjamin H; {M}; 1889-
WILLIAMS, Betsy (WILLIAMS, Elizabeth); {F}
WILLIAMS, Buretta; {F}
WILLIAMS, Burnetta; {F}; 1926-
WILLIAMS, Caleb; {M}
WILLIAMS, Caleb; {M}; 1809-1865; Caney, Morgan Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Catherine; {F}
WILLIAMS, Claude; {F}
WILLIAMS, Daniel; {M}
WILLIAMS, Daniel; {M}; 1753-1820; Holston Valley, Lee Co, VA
WILLIAMS, Darrell; {M}
WILLIAMS, David; {M}
WILLIAMS, David; {M}
WILLIAMS, Delbert; {M}
WILLIAMS, Delbert; {M}; 1937-
WILLIAMS, Dominique Alexander; {M}; 1994-; Woodstock, Cook Co, IL at Woodstock Memorial Hospital
WILLIAMS, Donald; {M}
WILLIAMS, Edith; {F}; 1803-1858
WILLIAMS, Edward; {M}
WILLIAMS, Edy (WILLIAMS, Edith); {F}; 1803-1858
WILLIAMS, Eli; {M}; 1825-1916; Morgan Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Elijah; {M}; 1806-
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; {F}
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; {F}; 1840-
WILLIAMS, Emory Lee; {M}; 1885-
WILLIAMS, Ethel; {F}
WILLIAMS, Ethel; {F}
WILLIAMS, Ethel; {F}
WILLIAMS, Eunice Marie; {F}; 1916-
WILLIAMS, Felix P; {M}; 1893-
WILLIAMS, Flynn; {M}
WILLIAMS, Frances; {M}; 1858-
WILLIAMS, Frankie (WILLIAMS, Sarah Frances); {F}; 1787-; Mason Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Gary Dale; {M}
WILLIAMS, Gayle; {F}
WILLIAMS, George; {M}
WILLIAMS, Gilbert; {M}
WILLIAMS, Gilbert; {M}; 1931-
WILLIAMS, Gillie Ann; {F}; 1833-
WILLIAMS, Gregory; {M}
WILLIAMS, Henry Jackson; {M}; 1882-
WILLIAMS, Holloway Powers; {M}; 1835-; Johnson Fork, Magoffin Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Isaac; {M}; 1840-
WILLIAMS, Isaac L; {M}; 1798-1879; Magoffin Co, KY
WILLIAMS, James; {M}
WILLIAMS, James; {M}; 1804-
WILLIAMS, James; {M}; 1835-
WILLIAMS, James Green; {M}
WILLIAMS, Jasmine Gabriel; {F}; 2001-; Rockford, IL at Rockford Memorial Hospital
WILLIAMS, Jeremiah N Verdman; {M}; 1812-1888; Floyd Co, KY
WILLIAMS, John; {M}; 1842-
WILLIAMS, John Marion; {M}; 1858-1956; TN
WILLIAMS, John Morgan; {M}; 1897-
WILLIAMS, John T; {M}; 1789-1869; Morgan Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Joshua; {M}
WILLIAMS, Juanita; {F}; 1929-
WILLIAMS, Karen Sue; {F}
WILLIAMS, Katherine Louise; {F}
WILLIAMS, Kenneth; {M}
WILLIAMS, Leck; {M}; 1882-1974
WILLIAMS, Lewis; {M}
WILLIAMS, Lewis; {M}
WILLIAMS, Lilburn; {M}
WILLIAMS, Lilburn; {M}; 1890-
WILLIAMS, Lindsey; {M}
WILLIAMS, Lorene; {F}
WILLIAMS, Louisa; {F}; 1827-
WILLIAMS, Louise; {F}; 1911-
WILLIAMS, Lucille; {F}
WILLIAMS, Lucy (WILLIAMS, Nancy); {F}; 1794-1840; Mason Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Lucy Jane; {F}; 1886-
WILLIAMS, Malissa Margaret; {F}
WILLIAMS, Maranda; {F}
WILLIAMS, Margaret; {F}
WILLIAMS, Margaret; {F}; 1833-
WILLIAMS, Martha; {F}
WILLIAMS, Mary Phoebe; {F}; 1814-; Floyd Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Mary Vonnie; {F}; 1881-1978; TN
WILLIAMS, Maude; {F}
WILLIAMS, Menifee; {M}
WILLIAMS, Miles; {M}; 1837-
WILLIAMS, Nancy; {F}; 1794-1840; Mason Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Nancy; {F}; 1829-1850
WILLIAMS, Polly (WILLIAMS, Mary Phoebe); {F}; 1814-; Floyd Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Powell; {M}
WILLIAMS, Pricilla; {F}
WILLIAMS, Randell Lee; {M}
WILLIAMS, Rebecca A; {F}
WILLIAMS, Ronall Earl; {M}
WILLIAMS, Sarah; {F}
WILLIAMS, Sarah Frances; {F}; 1787-; Mason Co, KY
WILLIAMS, Shermie; {M}
WILLIAMS, Silas C; {M}; 1895-
WILLIAMS, Sucky (WILLIAMS, Susan J); {F}
WILLIAMS, Susan J; {F}
WILLIAMS, Sylvester; {M}; 1826-1869; GA
WILLIAMS, Thornton; {M}
WILLIAMS, Velma May; {F}; 1908-
WILLIAMS, Wiley C; {M}; 1810-
WILLIAMS, William; {M}; 1844-
WILLIAMS, Winnie; {F}; 1808-

WILLIAMSON, Sarah; {F}; 1847-

WILLS, Sophie Marie; {F}; 1933-

WILSON, Adda L; {F}
WILSON, Alice Ray; {F}
WILSON, Andrew; {M}
WILSON, Andrew (twin); {M}; 1913-
WILSON, Arzelia; {F}
WILSON, Bud (WILSON, William Rutherford); {M}; 1912-1960; Roswell, Chaves Co, NM
WILSON, Charlotte; {F}; 1794-1886
WILSON, Clara; {F}
WILSON, Docia; {F}
WILSON, Eric Francis; {M}
WILSON, Finley L; {M}; 1912-1932
WILSON, Isaac Shelby; {M}; 1849-1938; Daysboro, Wolfe Co, KY at Wilson Farm
WILSON, John Monroe; {M}
WILSON, Margaret Jeane; {F}
WILSON, Mary; {F}; 1939-
WILSON, Megan Moore; {F}; 1988-; Denver, Denver Co, CO
WILSON, Nathan (twin); {M}; 1913-
WILSON, Patti Ann; {F}; 1950-; Denver, Denver Co, CO
WILSON, Peggy Sue; {F}; 1947-; Dallas, Dallas Co, TX
WILSON, Richard D; {M}; 1790-1851; Knox Co, KY
WILSON, WR (WILSON, William Ray); {M}; 1882-1950; Zephyr, Brown Co, TX
WILSON, Will; {M}
WILSON, William Ray; {M}; 1882-1950; Zephyr, Brown Co, TX
WILSON, William Rutherford; {M}; 1912-1960; Roswell, Chaves Co, NM


WINN, James Chadwick; {M}; 1976-; Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY
WINN, Jonathon Michael; {M}; 1980-; Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY
WINN, Larry James; {M}

WIREMAN, Ada; {F}; 1903-1960; David Quadrangle, Magoffin Co, KY at Nelvin Wireman Cemetery
WIREMAN, Allen; {M}; 1869-1952
WIREMAN, Amos; {M}; 1884-
WIREMAN, Audie; {F}
WIREMAN, Austin; {M}; 1938-
WIREMAN, Benita Delores; {F}; 1971-
WIREMAN, Bertha; {F}
WIREMAN, Bessie; {F}
WIREMAN, Betty; {F}
WIREMAN, Carolyn Sue; {F}
WIREMAN, Catherine; {F}; 1848-1928
WIREMAN, Charlotte; {F}
WIREMAN, Chub (WIREMAN, Clay); {M}
WIREMAN, Clay; {M}
WIREMAN, Curtis; {M}; 1892-
WIREMAN, Dave; {M}
WIREMAN, Delphia; {F}
WIREMAN, Dixie Jean; {F}; 1929-2001; Magoffin Co, KY
WIREMAN, Dollie; {F}; 1886-
WIREMAN, Elliot; {M}
WIREMAN, Euriac; {M}; 1949-
WIREMAN, Fairley Jane; {F}
WIREMAN, Farish; {M}
WIREMAN, Fielding; {M}
WIREMAN, Fleming; {M}; 1862-
WIREMAN, Florence; {F}; 1888-1981
WIREMAN, Garrett; {M}
WIREMAN, Gene Darrell; {M}
WIREMAN, Girthel; {F}
WIREMAN, Goldie; {F}
WIREMAN, Harriet; {F}; 1870-1969; Tiptop Quadrangle, Magoffin Co, KY at the Joseph Cemetery
WIREMAN, Homer; {M}
WIREMAN, Jack; {M}
WIREMAN, Jackson; {M}
WIREMAN, Jacob; {M}
WIREMAN, Joe; {M}; 1895-
WIREMAN, John; {M}; Magoffin Co, KY at Trace Fork of Licking
WIREMAN, John B; {M}; BET 1821 AND 1826-1916
WIREMAN, John B; {M}; 1857-; Floyd Co, KY
WIREMAN, John T; {M}; 1861-1929
WIREMAN, Joseph; {M}; 1864-
WIREMAN, Josephine; {F}
WIREMAN, Judy; {F}
WIREMAN, Katie (WIREMAN, Catherine); {F}; 1848-1928
WIREMAN, Kelse; {F}; 1884-
WIREMAN, Kimberly Mae; {F}; 1971-; Magoffin Co, KY
WIREMAN, Lewis; {M}; 1877-1970
WIREMAN, Lizzie; {F}
WIREMAN, Lizzie; {F}
WIREMAN, Lois Jean; {F}
WIREMAN, Louraney; {F}
WIREMAN, Marie; {F}
WIREMAN, Mary; {F}
WIREMAN, Mary; {F}; 1878-1969
WIREMAN, Mary; {F}; 1890-
WIREMAN, Mollie; {F}
WIREMAN, Morg; {M}
WIREMAN, Morgan; {M}
WIREMAN, Morgan; {M}; 1844-1913
WIREMAN, Morgan; {M}; 1853-1893
WIREMAN, Myrtle Kathryn; {F}; 1900-1980; Tucson, Pima Co, AZ
WIREMAN, Nancy; {F}
WIREMAN, Nancy; {F}; 1844-1877; Swampton, Magoffin Co, KY on Carpenter Hill #2 at John Allen
WIREMAN, Nelvin; {M}; 1874-1963; David Quadrangle, Magoffin Co, KY at Nelvin Wireman Cemetery
WIREMAN, Nicholas Shane; {M}; 1975-
WIREMAN, Nora; {F}; 1888-
WIREMAN, Ora E; {F}; 1879-
WIREMAN, Oren; {M}; 1897-
WIREMAN, Pricilla Sue; {F}; 1936-; Magoffin Co, KY
WIREMAN, Prock; {M}; 1882-
WIREMAN, Ramey; {M}; 1898-
WIREMAN, Rebecca; {F}; 1847-1908; Argillite, KY at Howard Cemetery
WIREMAN, Rebecca; {F}; 1868-
WIREMAN, Richard; {M}
WIREMAN, Rosanna; {F}; 1863-
WIREMAN, Russell; {M}; 1879-
WIREMAN, Samuel; {M}; 1857-; Floyd Co, KY
WIREMAN, Sharon; {F}; 1952-
WIREMAN, Steve; {M}
WIREMAN, Susan; {F}
WIREMAN, Susan; {F}; 1871-
WIREMAN, Thelma; {F}
WIREMAN, Vickie; {F}
WIREMAN, Vina; {F}; 1849-
WIREMAN, Virgil; {M}
WIREMAN, Ward; {M}; 1890-
WIREMAN, Wilbur Hager; {M}; 1907-1988; Fredville, Magoffin Co, KY
WIREMAN, Wiley; {M}; 1860-1920
WIREMAN, William; {M}
WIREMAN, William; {M}
WIREMAN, William Austin; {M}; 1972-; Magoffin Co, KY
WIREMAN, Willie; {M}
WIREMAN, Zenith; {F}; 1948-; Magoffin Co, KY

WISECUP, Gerry; {M}; 1954-
WISECUP, Henry; {M}
WISECUP, Wilburn; {M}; 1879-1903



WITTEN, Genoa Ellen; {F}; 1859-
WITTEN, William; {M}

WOELLERT, Dorothy; {F}

WOITACH, Mary Lou; {F}; Racine, Racine Co, WI

WOLF, Anita; {F}

WOLFGANG, Brian; {M}

WOOD, Barbara; {F}; 1937-; Akron, Summit Co, OH

WOODS, Marietta; {F}; 1866-1933; Johnson Co, KY

WOODWARD, James; {M}
WOODWARD, Linda; {F}
WOODWARD, Reece; {M}

WOOMACK, Mary Ann; {F}

WOOTEN, Charlie; {M}
WOOTEN, Georgie; {F}

WRIGHT, Ballard; {M}
WRIGHT, Dewey; {M}
WRIGHT, Donna Jane; {F}
WRIGHT, Evelyn Ruth; {F}
WRIGHT, Isom; {M}
WRIGHT, Jessie; {F}
WRIGHT, John Morgan; {M}
WRIGHT, Lillie; {F}
WRIGHT, Mary; {F}; 1857-; Cambusnethan,Lanark,Scotland
WRIGHT, Mary J; {F}; -1861
WRIGHT, Wanda; {F}

WYAME, Christina; {F}
WYAME, Christopher; {M}
WYAME, Guy; {M}

WYNKOOP, Paul; {M}

Walter, Lena; {F}
Walter, Monroe; {M}

Weishaupt, Sandra Lee; {F}; 1946-

White Parker, Mae; {F}; 1915-1997

Wichrowski, Edwin; {M}
Wichrowski, Mark Vincent; {M}; 1957-; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY

Williams, Zettie; {F}

Wireman, Ora Ella; {F}; 1894-1975; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Arnett Cemetery

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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