Surnames beginning with P

P'Simer, Nicholas; {M}

PACALA, Charles; {M}
PACALA, Leonard; {M}
PACALA, Ray; {M}; 1920-

PACE, Daisy; {F}; 1855-; KY
PACE, Edith; {F}
PACE, John; {M}; 1808-1870; Harlan Co, KY
PACE, John J; {M}; 1847-; KY
PACE, Mathew; {M}; 1835-; KY
PACE, Zackariah; {M}; 1848-; KY

PACINI, Tammie; {F}

PACITTO, Anthony; {M}
PACITTO, Anthony; {M}
PACITTO, Darlene; {F}
PACITTO, Maria; {F}

PACKMAN, James; {M}

PACZAS, Cole Anthony; {M}; 1997-; Troy, Oakland Co, MI at Beaumont Hospital
PACZAS, Nicole Marie; {F}; 1978-; Rochester Hills, Oakland Co, MI at Crittendon Hospital
PACZAS, Robert John; {M}; 1954-2001; Oakland Co, MI
PACZAS, Wendy Ann; {F}; 1981-; Rochester Hills, Oakland Co, MI at Crittendon Hospital

PADGETT, Frances; {F}

PAGE, Gale; {F}

PALMISANO, Christopher; {M}
PALMISANO, Gail; {F}; 1958-
PALMISANO, Giovanni; {M}; 1912-
PALMISANO, Giuseppe; {M}; 1790-1855; Italy
PALMISANO, Ignazio; {M}
PALMISANO, Ignazio C; {M}; 1913-1942; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY
PALMISANO, Joseph; {M}
PALMISANO, Josephine; {F}; 1925-
PALMISANO, Maria; {F}; 1812-1894; Termini Imerese, Sicily
PALMISANO, Mary E; {F}; 1917-1993; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY
PALMISANO, Matthew; {M}
PALMISANO, Michael; {M}; 1954-
PALMISANO, Michael P; {M}; 1890-1944; Termini Imerese, Sicily
PALMISANO, Ray\Biz\Bizmark (PALMISANO, Rosario); {M}; 1919-1987; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY at home
PALMISANO, Rosario; {M}; 1915-1916; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY
PALMISANO, Rosario; {M}; 1919-1987; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY at home
PALMISANO, Salvatore; {M}
PALMISANO, Salvatore; {M}
PALMISANO, Suzanne; {F}; 1927-
PALMISANO, Tracie-Lynne; {F}

PALMITER, Rebecca; {F}; 17 MAR-

PAPPANIA, Augustina; {F}
PAPPANIA, Maria; {F}; -1974; Termini Imerese, Sicily
PAPPANIA, Phil; {M}; -2002; Oakland Co, MI
PAPPANIA, Philip; {M}

PAPPAS, Lee (PAPPAS, Leon); {M}; 1935-
PAPPAS, Leon; {M}; 1935-

PARISSI, Edward; {M}
PARISSI, Sullivan Salvatore; {M}

PARKER, Craig; {M}
PARKER, Kay Lynn; {F}
PARKER, Lance; {M}
PARKER, Lynn; {M}
PARKER, Megan Ann; {F}
PARKER, Melinda; {F}
PARKER, Robby; {M}
PARKER, Rodney; {M}
PARKER, Terry; {M}
PARKER, William Ryland; {M}

PARRISH, Leola; {F}

PARSHALL, Elizabeth; {F}

PARSONS, Frank; {M}


PASTORE, Christopher; {M}; 1969-
PASTORE, Daniel; {M}; 1968-
PASTORE, Frances (PASTORE, Franchesca Elizabeth); {F}; 1943-
PASTORE, Franchesca Elizabeth; {F}; 1943-
PASTORE, Gregory; {M}; 1964-
PASTORE, John O; {M}; 1910-
PASTORE, John O; {M}; 1942-
PASTORE, Louise; {F}; 1947-

PATE, Claudia; {F}

PATRICK, Adivine; {F}
PATRICK, Aggie; {F}; 1923-2001; Salyersville, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Alda; {M}
PATRICK, Alice; {F}
PATRICK, Allen; {M}
PATRICK, Allie; {M}
PATRICK, Amelia; {F}; 1939-
PATRICK, America; {F}
PATRICK, Anderson; {M}; 1861-; Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Anne; {F}
PATRICK, April Nicole; {F}
PATRICK, Barbara; {F}
PATRICK, Benny; {M}
PATRICK, Bertha Jane; {F}; 1939-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Betty; {F}
PATRICK, Betty; {F}; Ashland, Greene Co, NY at Rose Hill Cemetery
PATRICK, Betty; {F}
PATRICK, Bill (PATRICK, William T); {M}
PATRICK, Bill G; {M}
PATRICK, Bill Joe; {M}
PATRICK, Boone; {M}
PATRICK, Brett; {M}
PATRICK, Buddy (PATRICK, Elbert); {M}
PATRICK, Byron; {M}
PATRICK, Candace; {F}; 1959-
PATRICK, Candace Kay; {F}
PATRICK, Candi (PATRICK, Candace); {F}; 1959-
PATRICK, Catherine; {F}; 1864-1885
PATRICK, Chad; {M}
PATRICK, Charlie; {M}
PATRICK, Charlotte; {F}; 1819-
PATRICK, Christine; {F}
PATRICK, Claude; {M}
PATRICK, Cora; {F}
PATRICK, Dave; {M}
PATRICK, David; {M}; 1868-
PATRICK, David Allen; {M}; 1968-1998
PATRICK, Delana; {F}
PATRICK, Denny; {M}
PATRICK, Dick (PATRICK, Minifee); {M}
PATRICK, Don G; {M}; 1960-; Wayne, Wayne Co, MI
PATRICK, Don Wellington; {M}; 1934-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Donna Elaine; {F}; 1957-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PATRICK, Douglas E; {M}
PATRICK, Elbert; {M}
PATRICK, Elbert; {M}
PATRICK, Elic; {M}
PATRICK, Elijah; {M}
PATRICK, Elizabeth; {F}
PATRICK, Elizabeth; {F}; 1836-1910
PATRICK, Elizabeth; {F}; 1840-
PATRICK, Elizabeth; {F}; 1873-1968
PATRICK, Emeline; {F}
PATRICK, Emily; {F}
PATRICK, Emmy; {F}
PATRICK, Erma Faye; {F}
PATRICK, Eugenia\Jean; {F}; 1865-1949; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Mort Salyer Cemetery
PATRICK, Evert; {M}
PATRICK, Fannie; {F}
PATRICK, Francis Marion; {M}
PATRICK, Frank; {M}
PATRICK, Franklin M; {M}; 1855-; Burning Fork, Floyd Co, KY
PATRICK, Fred; {M}
PATRICK, Greenville; {M}; 1824-1915
PATRICK, Harrison; {F}
PATRICK, Henry; {M}
PATRICK, Herman; {M}; 1954-
PATRICK, Herman; {M}; 1981-1981
PATRICK, Herod; {M}
PATRICK, Hiram; {M}; 1820-
PATRICK, Homer; {M}
PATRICK, Homer; {M}
PATRICK, Homer; {M}
PATRICK, Homer Jack; {M}
PATRICK, Hugh; {M}
PATRICK, Hugh; {M}; BET 1680 AND 1689-1778; MD
PATRICK, Irvin; {M}
PATRICK, Irvin Bill; {M}
PATRICK, Jack; {M}
PATRICK, Jack; {M}
PATRICK, Jack; {M}
PATRICK, Jack Charles; {M}; 1904-
PATRICK, Jackson; {M}
PATRICK, Jackson; {M}
PATRICK, James; {M}; 1729-1835; Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Jane\Jennie; {F}
PATRICK, Janice; {F}
PATRICK, Jeremiah; {M}
PATRICK, Jeremiah; {M}
PATRICK, Jeremiah; {M}; 1738-1822; MD
PATRICK, Jeremiah; {M}; 1815-
PATRICK, Jerry; {M}
PATRICK, Jerry (PATRICK, Jeremiah); {M}
PATRICK, Jo Ann; {F}
PATRICK, John; {M}
PATRICK, John; {M}; 1700-
PATRICK, John David; {M}
PATRICK, Johnnie; {M}
PATRICK, Joshua; {M}
PATRICK, Josie; {F}
PATRICK, Julie; {F}
PATRICK, Karen; {F}
PATRICK, Kash; {M}
PATRICK, Kate; {F}
PATRICK, Kate (PATRICK, Catherine); {F}; 1864-1885
PATRICK, Kelley Ann; {F}; 1965-; Wayne, DuPage Co, IL
PATRICK, Kimberly Sue; {F}; 1968-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PATRICK, Kristi; {F}
PATRICK, Laverne; {F}
PATRICK, Leck; {M}
PATRICK, Lee W.; {M}
PATRICK, Lena; {F}
PATRICK, Levi; {M}; 1838-1898; Morgan Co, KY
PATRICK, Lewis; {M}; -1865; Lexington, Fayette Co, KY
PATRICK, Lewis; {M}; 1816-
PATRICK, Lucinda; {F}
PATRICK, Lucretia; {F}; 1831-; KY
PATRICK, Lucy; {F}
PATRICK, Lucy Ann; {F}
PATRICK, Lurena; {F}; 1858-; Burning Fork, Floyd Co, KY
PATRICK, Luther; {M}
PATRICK, Luther; {M}
PATRICK, Mabel; {F}
PATRICK, Magdelene; {F}
PATRICK, Margaret; {F}; 1816-1902
PATRICK, Margaretta; {F}; 1783-1861; Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Marjorie; {F}
PATRICK, Martha Jean; {F}
PATRICK, Marvin Leon; {M}; 1941-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Mary; {F}
PATRICK, Mary; {F}
PATRICK, Mary; {F}; 1839-
PATRICK, Mary Ann; {F}; 1799-
PATRICK, Mattie; {F}
PATRICK, Maud; {F}; 1880-1929; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY at Nelse Salyer Cemetery
PATRICK, Maud Ella; {F}; 1866-
PATRICK, Menifee; {M}
PATRICK, Michael; {M}
PATRICK, Michelle; {F}
PATRICK, Mike; {M}
PATRICK, Mildred; {F}
PATRICK, Minerva Jane; {F}; 1846-
PATRICK, Minifee; {M}
PATRICK, Minnie Bailey; {F}; 1906-; Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Mollie; {F}
PATRICK, Mollie; {F}
PATRICK, Monk; {M}
PATRICK, Mornie; {F}
PATRICK, Myrtle; {F}
PATRICK, Nancy; {F}
PATRICK, Nancy; {F}
PATRICK, Nannie; {F}
PATRICK, Newt; {M}
PATRICK, Noah; {M}
PATRICK, Odis Kellerman; {M}
PATRICK, Ollie; {M}
PATRICK, Ortie; {M}
PATRICK, Pauline; {F}
PATRICK, Payne; {F}
PATRICK, Peggy S; {F}
PATRICK, Phyllis; {F}
PATRICK, Plinn; {M}
PATRICK, Polly; {F}; 1776-
PATRICK, Polly (PATRICK, Mary Ann); {F}; 1799-
PATRICK, Priscilla Sue; {F}; 1943-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Ralph; {M}
PATRICK, Randy; {M}
PATRICK, Rebecca; {F}; 1843-
PATRICK, Reuben; {M}; BET 1830 AND 1840-1902
PATRICK, Reuben; {M}; 1791-1845; Giles Co, VA
PATRICK, Rhoda; {F}; 1833-1911; TX
PATRICK, Richard; {M}; 1802-
PATRICK, Rick; {M}
PATRICK, Robert; {M}
PATRICK, Robert; {M}; 1709-
PATRICK, Robert; {M}; 1830-
PATRICK, Ruth; {F}
PATRICK, Samuel Lewis; {M}
PATRICK, Sarah; {F}; 1841-; Floyd Co, KY
PATRICK, Sarah; {F}; 1858-1940
PATRICK, Serena; {F}
PATRICK, Serena; {F}; 1866-
PATRICK, Sharon; {F}
PATRICK, Sherman; {M}
PATRICK, Siller; {M}
PATRICK, Solona H; {F}; 1852-; Johnson Co, KY
PATRICK, Squire John; {M}; 1813-
PATRICK, Stephen; {M}
PATRICK, Susan; {F}
PATRICK, Tank (PATRICK, Francis Marion); {M}
PATRICK, Taylor; {M}
PATRICK, Taylor; {M}
PATRICK, Ted (PATRICK, Theodore Gordon); {M}; 1945-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Ted (PATRICK, Theodore Gordon); {M}; 1971-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PATRICK, Teresa; {F}
PATRICK, Theodore Gordon; {M}; 1945-; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Theodore Gordon; {M}; 1971-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PATRICK, Tobe; {M}; -1950; Magoffin Co, KY
PATRICK, Tracy; {F}; 1978-
PATRICK, Twin Daughter; {F}
PATRICK, Twin Daughter; {F}
PATRICK, Unnamed daughter; {F}; 1856-; Burning Fork, Floyd Co, KY
PATRICK, Walter; {M}
PATRICK, Warnie; {M}
PATRICK, Wiley; {M}
PATRICK, Wiley Reuben; {M}; 1839-
PATRICK, William; {M}
PATRICK, William; {M}; 1762-1827; Rockingham Co, VA
PATRICK, William; {M}; 1794-
PATRICK, William; {M}; 1848-; Scott Co, VA
PATRICK, William "Salty Bill"; {M}; 1830-
PATRICK, William T; {M}

PATTERSON, Alex John; {M}; 1992-
PATTERSON, John Joseph; {M}; 1964-
PATTERSON, Lola (Pattewall); {F}; Baltimore, Baltimore Co, MD
PATTERSON, Ryan Joseph; {M}; 1991-

PATTON, Anna; {F}
PATTON, Cynthia; {F}; 1785-; VA
PATTON, David Freeland (Freeman?); {M}; 1843-1929; Floyd Co, KY
PATTON, Dorcas; {F}; 1790-
PATTON, Dorcas; {F}; 1854-
PATTON, Dorcas\Darcas; {F}; 1816-1860
PATTON, Florence; {F}
PATTON, Florence; {F}
PATTON, Frances; {F}
PATTON, George Phillip; {M}; 1953-
PATTON, Henry; {M}; 1775-1866
PATTON, James; {M}; 1752-1817; Augusta Co, VA
PATTON, Janie; {F}
PATTON, John; {M}
PATTON, John; {M}
PATTON, Lewis; {M}
PATTON, Martha; {F}
PATTON, Mary; {F}
PATTON, Mollie; {F}
PATTON, Nancy; {F}; 1832-
PATTON, Samuel; {M}
PATTON, Samuel; {M}
PATTON, Tilden; {M}

PAULHUS, Odelie; {F}; 1903-; Quebec, Canada

PAWLUCK, Susan; {F}

PAYNE, Clara; {F}
PAYNE, Gladys; {F}
PAYNE, Josiah; {M}

PEARSON, Aaron Dennis; {M}
PEARSON, Elenore; {F}
PEARSON, Linda; {F}

PECK, Anita Rose; {F}; 1979-
PECK, April Dawn; {F}; 1972-
PECK, Bobby; {M}
PECK, Fieldon; {M}

PEDERSEN, Gwen; {F}; 1975-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PEDERSEN, Janet Marie; {F}; 1973-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PEDERSEN, Kelsey Lee; {F}; 1991-
PEDERSEN, Kimberly; {F}; 1973-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PEDERSEN, Orla; {M}; 1952-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

PEDZINSKI, Jennifer Tiffany; {F}; 1984-
PEDZINSKI, Jonathon; {M}; 1976-
PEDZINSKI, Norman; {M}; 1937-1990
PEDZINSKI, Rebecca Dawn; {F}; 1983-
PEDZINSKI, Suzanne Elizabeth Pedzinski b.; {F}; 1981-
PEDZINSKI, Timothy; {M}; 1960-

PELC, Steven John; {M}; 1952-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at Old Providence Hospital

PELPHREY, Jane; {F}; 1805-; KY
PELPHREY, William; {M}

PENIX, Eula Mae; {F}; 1909-
PENIX, Leander Clay; {M}; 1897-1950; Magoffin Co, KY
PENIX, Ruth; {F}
PENIX, William; {M}

PENNINGTON, Clabourne; {F}; 1838-
PENNINGTON, David; {M}; 1857-
PENNINGTON, George; {M}; 1847-
PENNINGTON, Jesse; {M}; 1854-
PENNINGTON, Joshua; {M}; 1845-
PENNINGTON, Levi; {M}; 1849-
PENNINGTON, Mary; {F}; 1852-
PENNINGTON, Rachel; {F}; 1841-
PENNINGTON, Rebecca; {F}; 1843-
PENNINGTON, William; {M}; 1817-

PERCIFUL, Bessie; {F}

PERKINS, Lydia Jane; {F}
PERKINS, McClellan; {M}
PERKINS, Seldon; {M}

PERNA, Angelo; {M}
PERNA, Anthony; {M}; 1903-1968; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
PERNA, Brandon Lee; {M}; 1993-1994; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PERNA, Dakota Lee; {M}; 1995-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
PERNA, Frank; {M}
PERNA, Frank A; {M}
PERNA, Jack; {M}
PERNA, Jeffrey Lee; {M}; 1961-; Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI
PERNA, Jennie; {F}
PERNA, John; {M}
PERNA, Michael; {M}
PERNA, Rose; {F}
PERNA, Thomas; {M}

PERRY, Amanda; {F}; 1856-1918
PERRY, Barbara; {F}
PERRY, Bertha; {F}; 1885-
PERRY, Betty; {F}
PERRY, Daniel; {M}
PERRY, David Washington; {M}
PERRY, Dorothy; {F}
PERRY, Francis; {F}
PERRY, Frank; {M}
PERRY, Gregory Michael; {M}
PERRY, Harold Gene; {M}
PERRY, Harry B.; {M}
PERRY, Helen; {F}
PERRY, Jane; {F}; -1880; Jeffersonville, Montgomery Co, KY
PERRY, John Perry; {M}; 1878-
PERRY, Nancy Jane; {F}; 1847-1903
PERRY, Robert Henry Family1 Family2; {M}

PETERS, Crystal; {F}

PETERSON, Robin; {F}

PETEUIL, John Michael; {M}; MI
PETEUIL, Ron Michael; {M}; 1997-; Royal Oak, Oakland Co, MI at Beaumont Hospital
PETEUIL, Ron Robert; {M}; 1958-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

PETTIS, Clifford; {M}
PETTIS, Jane; {F}; 1958-
PETTIS, Jill; {F}; 1954-
PETTIS, Joy; {F}; 1962-
PETTIS, Judith; {F}; 1952-

PFEIFFER, Donald; {M}
PFEIFFER, Dorothy; {F}; -1978; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI at St Joseph Church on St. Aubin St.
PFEIFFER, George; {M}
PFEIFFER, Jackie (PFEIFFER, Jacquelin); {F}
PFEIFFER, Jacquelin; {F}
PFEIFFER, Kathy; {F}
PFEIFFER, Kenneth; {M}
PFEIFFER, Larry; {M}
PFEIFFER, Louise; {F}
PFEIFFER, Robert; {M}
PFEIFFER, Sally; {F}

PHILLIPS, Alice Moody; {F}
PHILLIPS, Margaret Peggy; {F}; 1797-1880; VA
PHILLIPS, Mary Evelyn; {F}
PHILLIPS, Rebecca; {F}
PHILLIPS, Sarah; {F}; 1791-1874; SC

PHIPPS, Alice Ann; {F}
PHIPPS, Amanda; {F}
PHIPPS, Aries; {M}
PHIPPS, Barbara Ellen; {F}; 1887-
PHIPPS, Deborah; {F}
PHIPPS, Gregory; {M}; 1965-
PHIPPS, John; {M}; 1802-; VA
PHIPPS, Laurence; {M}; 1926-
PHIPPS, Lula; {F}
PHIPPS, Roy; {M}; 1909-
PHIPPS, Todd Laurence; {M}; 1964-
PHIPPS, Tom; {M}
PHIPPS, Tonia Jean; {F}
PHIPPS, Winnie; {F}; 1845-


PICKENS, Unknown; {M}

PICKLESIMER, Mary; {F}; 1847-1930; Morgan Co, KY
PICKLESIMER, Polly Ann (PICKLESIMER, Mary); {F}; 1847-1930; Morgan Co, KY
PICKLESIMER, Sarah Ellen; {F}; 1863-

PIELKE, Julia; {F}

PIERSON, Barbara; {F}
PIERSON, Walter; {M}

PIGG, Willis; {M}

PIKE, Edward; {M}; 1943-
PIKE, Edward; {M}; 1975-
PIKE, Kenneth; {M}; 1973-
PIKE, Kimberly; {F}; 1979-

PINEAU, Clance; {M}; 1911-; Prince Edward Island, Canada
PINEAU, Pauline; {F}; 1939-; Sanford, York Co, ME

PINKS, Caleb; {M}
PINKS, Mack; {M}
PINKS, Susie; {F}

PISANO, Alessio; {M}; 1907-1991; W Warrick, Kent Co, RI
PISANO, Allison; {F}; 1965-
PISANO, Helene; {F}; 1935-
PISANO, Holly; {F}; 1963-
PISANO, Paul Joseph; {M}; JUL-
PISANO, Paul Joseph; {M}; 1939-

PITTS, Alma; {F}
PITTS, Izana; {F}; 1827-1906
PITTS, Joseph; {M}
PITTS, Travis Grant; {M}

PLOUS, Patty; {F}

PLUMMER, Benjamin Sanders; {M}; 1877-1968; Carter Co, KY
PLUMMER, Harold; {M}
PLUMMER, Sammy; {M}
PLUMMER, Sue Ann; {F}
PLUMMER, Vernon; {M}; 1919-; Greenup Co, KY

PLUTA, Arlene; {F}; 1935-

POE, Audie; {F}; 1914-; Lakeville, Magoffin Co, KY
POE, Coon; {M}
POE, Easter; {F}
POE, Eddie; {M}
POE, Leona; {F}
POE, Martin; {M}
POE, Merideth; {M}; 1834-
POE, Rebecca; {F}; 1902-1965
POE, Violet; {F}; 1857-
POE, Virgie (POE, Virginia); {F}
POE, Virginia; {F}

POHL, Maureen; {F}; 1944-; New Rochelle, Westchester Co, NY

POJE, Anton\Antony; {M}; 1878-1938; Obergrass, Austria (Trava, Slovenia)
POJE, John; {M}; 1885-; Obergrass, Austria (Trava, Slovenia)
POJE, Julius; {M}; 1850-; Obergrass, Austria (Trava, Slovenia)
POJE, Tony (POJE, Anton\Antony); {M}; 1878-1938; Obergrass, Austria (Trava, Slovenia)

POLACZ\PALASZ, Victoria; {F}; 1876-1937; Poland/Germany

POLLANDS, Irene; {F}
POLLANDS, Robert Henry Nesbit; {M}

POOL, Fay; {M}

POOLE, Joseph; {M}; 1836-; AR
POOLE, Nancy Ann; {F}; 1865-1947; St Paul, Madison Co, AR

PORTER, Adam; {M}; 1911-1969; Salyersville, Magoffin Co, KY
PORTER, Barbara Marie; {F}
PORTER, Delbert; {M}; 1957-
PORTER, Delbert Earl; {M}
PORTER, Eddie; {M}; 1909-1936; Salyersville, Magoffin Co, KY
PORTER, Jean\Jane; {F}; 1761-1842
PORTER, Jeff; {M}; 1888-1966; Salyersville, Magoffin Co, KY
PORTER, Jefferson; {M}
PORTER, John; {M}; 1799-
PORTER, Nora Lee; {F}
PORTER, Patrick; {M}; 1713-; Orange Co, VA
PORTER, Sandra Lee; {F}
PORTER, Sarah E; {F}

POSCH, Donna; {F}; 1959-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA
POSCH, Dorie (POSCH, Doris Marie); {F}; 1964-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA at Fresno Community Hospital
POSCH, Doris Marie; {F}; 1964-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA at Fresno Community Hospital
POSCH, Kathleen; {F}; 1956-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA
POSCH, Ralph; {M}; 1955-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA
POSCH, Robert; {M}; 1924-; San Francisco, San Francisco Co, CA
POSCH, Robert; {M}; 1957-; Fresno, Fresno Co, CA
POSCH, Roberta; {F}; 1952-

POSTALWAITE, Mary Lou; {F}; 1924-

POSTLE, Susan; {F}; 1949-

POTTER, Frank; {M}
POTTER, Levi; {M}
POTTER, Patricia Anne; {F}; 1933-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

POTTS, Jonas; {M}

POWELL, Elizabeth Casey; {F}

POWER, Ethel Mae; {F}; 1912-2003; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
POWER, John; {M}
POWER, Madeline; {F}; 1909-1997; Royalton, Magoffin Co, KY
POWER, Myrtle; {F}
POWER, Nancy; {F}
POWER, Sanford R; {M}; 1836-1916; Lakeville, Magoffin Co, KY
POWER, Will Press; {M}; 1881-1957; Magoffin Co, KY

POWERS, Bertha; {F}
POWERS, David Crockett; {M}; 1832-1891; Scott Co, VA
POWERS, Elizabeth; {F}
POWERS, Elizabeth; {F}
POWERS, Elizabeth; {F}
POWERS, Elizabeth; {F}; 1817-1889; Floyd Co, KY
POWERS, Esther; {F}
POWERS, Eunice; {F}
POWERS, Eunice; {F}
POWERS, Francis; {M}
POWERS, Hannah; {F}
POWERS, Lewis; {M}
POWERS, Mary; {F}
POWERS, Nancy; {F}; 1810-1889
POWERS, Wesley; {M}

POYE, Carmen; {F}; 1904-1963; Fredville, Magoffin Co, KY
POYE, Dobbie (POYE, Orval Marie); {F}; 1908-1926; Gary, McDowell Co, WV
POYE, Gerald Kenneth; {M}; 1930-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Gerald Kenneth; {M}; 1955-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Gerry (POYE, Gerald Kenneth); {M}; 1955-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Helen Annette; {F}; 1902-1965; Swampton, Magoffin Co, KY
POYE, John; {M}; 1916-; NY
POYE, Ken (POYE, Gerald Kenneth); {M}; 1930-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Kermit Herman; {M}; 1906-1956; Gary, McDowell Co, WV
POYE, Kimberly Lillian; {F}; 1957-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Lori Anne; {F}; 1961-; Frankfort, Benzie Co, MI
POYE, Olga; {F}; 1913-1996; Gary, McDowell Co, WV
POYE, Orval Marie; {F}; 1908-1926; Gary, McDowell Co, WV
POYE, Patricia; {F}; 1928-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
POYE, Patty (POYE, Patricia); {F}; 1928-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

POYNER, Ester; {F}
POYNER, John C; {M}
POYNER, John C; {M}; 1944-; MI
POYNER, Robert Austin; {M}; 1937-; Detroit, Wayne Co, MI

PRATER, Anthony; {M}; 1545-
PRATER, Archibald; {M}; 1755-1831; Halifax Co, VA
PRATER, Archibald; {M}; 1794-1885; KY
PRATER, Archibald; {M}; 1810-1864
PRATER, Arizonia; {F}
PRATER, Betty; {F}; 1869-
PRATER, Biddy; {F}; 1871-
PRATER, Bossie (PRATER, Rosco); {M}
PRATER, Bunion; {M}
PRATER, Celia; {F}; 1807-1844; KY
PRATER, Charles; {M}; 1874-; KY
PRATER, Dale; {M}
PRATER, Daniel B; {M}; 1869-; AK
PRATER, Darcus; {F}; 1901-1997; Magoffin Co, KY
PRATER, Darky (PRATER, Darcus); {F}; 1901-1997; Magoffin Co, KY
PRATER, Dave; {M}
PRATER, Dorcas; {F}; 1805-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Elijah; {M}; 1795-1839; West Liberty, Morgan Co, KY
PRATER, Elizabeth; {F}; 1812-
PRATER, Elizabeth; {F}; 1812-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Elizabeth Martha; {F}; 1791-1876; Frederick Co, VA
PRATER, Frank L; {M}
PRATER, Franklin; {M}; 1872-; KY
PRATER, Fred; {M}
PRATER, Freddie; {M}
PRATER, George; {M}; 1510-
PRATER, George; {M}; 1861-; AK
PRATER, George W; {M}; 1832-; St Paul, Madison Co, AR at Riverside Cemetery
PRATER, Gladys; {F}; 1933-
PRATER, Harley; {M}
PRATER, Ibby; {F}
PRATER, James; {M}; 1796-1832; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, James; {M}; 1861-
PRATER, James C; {M}; 1871-
PRATER, James W; {M}; 1825-1856; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Joe; {M}
PRATER, John; {M}; 1480-; Englisham Manor, Bath, S. England
PRATER, John; {M}; 1785-1856; Russell Co, VA
PRATER, John; {M}; 1814-1901
PRATER, John; {M}; 1867-
PRATER, John B; {M}; 1859-; AK
PRATER, Jonathan; {M}; 1758-; VA
PRATER, Jonathon; {M}; 1633-
PRATER, Jonathon; {M}; 1662-
PRATER, Jonathon; {M}; 1712-
PRATER, Jonathon; {M}; 1735-
PRATER, Joseph; {M}; 1873-
PRATER, Josiah; {M}; 1812-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Lake; {M}
PRATER, Leeson; {M}
PRATER, Leo; {M}
PRATER, Lona; {F}
PRATER, Malinda; {F}; 1857-1923
PRATER, Martha B; {F}; 1866-; TX
PRATER, Martha Theresa; {F}; 1897-1972
PRATER, Mary; {F}
PRATER, Mary; {F}; 1808-1880; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Mary; {F}; 1818-
PRATER, Mary; {F}; 1897-
PRATER, Mary Caroline; {F}; 1871-1932; KY
PRATER, Mary Jane; {F}; 1860-; AK
PRATER, Maxine Omega; {F}; 1923-
PRATER, Myrtle; {F}
PRATER, Nancy; {F}; 1802-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Nancy Jane; {F}; 1880-
PRATER, Olive; {F}
PRATER, Park; {M}
PRATER, Polly (PRATER, Mary); {F}; 1818-
PRATER, Polly; {F}; 1860-
PRATER, Rebecca; {F}; 1815-1884; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Riley; {M}
PRATER, Robert Franklin; {M}; 1808-1896; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Rosco; {M}
PRATER, Salley (PRATER, Sara A); {F}; 1807-
PRATER, Sally (PRATER, Sarah); {F}; 1760-1840; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Sally (PRATER, Sarah Elizabeth); {F}; 1797-1882; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Sally (PRATER, Sarah); {F}; 1809-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Sara A; {F}; 1807-
PRATER, Sarah; {F}; 1760-1840; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Sarah; {F}; 1809-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Sarah; {F}; 1855-
PRATER, Sarah Elizabeth; {F}; 1797-1882; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Susie Margaret; {F}; 1874-
PRATER, Thomas; {M}; 1577-
PRATER, Thomas; {M}; 1604-
PRATER, Thomas Gowan; {M}; 1824-1912; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Thomas Jefferson; {M}; 1876-
PRATER, Thomas Jefferson; {M}; 1884-
PRATER, Thomas L; {M}; 1826-; Floyd Co, KY
PRATER, Thomas\Neamiah; {M}; 1793-1857; Russell Co, VA
PRATER, WIlliam; {M}; 1872-
PRATER, Walter; {M}
PRATER, Wiley; {M}
PRATER, William; {M}; 1864-; TX
PRATER, William Andrew; {M}; 1866-1955
PRATER, William B; {M}; 1787-1880; VA
PRATER, William M; {M}; 1852-
PRATER, William W; {M}; 1829-1865; Floyd Co, KY

PRATTER, Everett; {M}

PRESTON, Ellen; {F}
PRESTON, Linda (PRESTON, Lynchie); {F}; 1794-1870
PRESTON, Lynchie; {F}; 1794-1870

PREWITT, Hiram; {M}

PRICE, ; {M}
PRICE, Andrew J; {M}; 1820-1899; Floyd Co, KY
PRICE, Betsy (PRICE, Elizabeth Ann); {F}; 1859-
PRICE, Bud (PRICE, David); {M}; 1855-
PRICE, Columbus; {M}
PRICE, David; {M}
PRICE, David; {M}; 1855-
PRICE, Delila Jane; {F}; 1854-
PRICE, Elizabeth Ann; {F}; 1859-
PRICE, Frank; {M}
PRICE, George W.; {M}; 1811-1899; Floyd Co, KY
PRICE, Harrison; {M}
PRICE, Henry; {M}; 1856-
PRICE, Jesse; {M}; VA
PRICE, Jesse; {M}; 1826-1878
PRICE, Kesiah; {F}
PRICE, Louisa; {F}
PRICE, Lynchie; {F}; 1860-
PRICE, Moses; {M}; Floyd Co, KY
PRICE, Nancy; {F}; -1879; Scott Co, VA
PRICE, Noah; {M}; 1866-
PRICE, Rosella; {F}; 1863-
PRICE, Thomas J; {M}
PRICE, Trinvilla; {F}; 1851-1933; Lawrence Co, KY

PRICKETT, Danny; {M}
PRICKETT, Julia Lyon; {F}
PRICKETT, Valeria Gail; {M}

PRIDEMORE, Sarah Ann; {F}

PRITCHARD, Willis; {M}

PROCHASKA, Jennifer Rose; {F}; 1976-
PROCHASKA, Joseph Francis; {M}; 1946-
PROCHASKA, Kathleen Rose; {F}; 1978-
PROCHASKA, Katie (PROCHASKA, Kathleen Rose); {F}; 1978-
PROCHASKA, Laura Rose; {F}; 1984-

PROSSER, Emily; {F}

PROUD, Cynthia; {F}; 1964-1966
PROUD, Franklin; {M}; 1937-
PROUD, Greg; {M}
PROUD, Michele; {F}; 1963-
PROUD, Sharee; {F}; 1960-

PRUIETT, Beverly; {F}; 1962-; San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co, CA

PUCHALSKI, Chester; {M}

PUCKETT, Caleb; {M}
PUCKETT, Darthula; {F}; 1865-
PUCKETT, John Morgan; {M}; 1848-; Breathitt Co, KY
PUCKETT, Luada; {F}; 1868-
PUCKETT, Martilla; {F}; 1867-
PUCKETT, Morgan; {M}; 1822-
PUCKETT, Rebecca; {F}
PUCKETT, Robert F; {M}; 1877-
PUCKETT, Rosie; {F}
PUCKETT, Sarah; {F}
PUCKETT, Susanna; {F}; 1849-

PUGH, Boone; {M}
PUGH, Carolyn; {F}
PUGH, Cynthia; {F}
PUGH, Elizabeth; {F}
PUGH, Frances; {F}; 1847-1929; White Oak, Morgan Co, KY at Oney Cemetery
PUGH, Frankie (PUGH, Frances); {F}; 1847-1929; White Oak, Morgan Co, KY at Oney Cemetery
PUGH, Johnny; {M}; 1860-; Morgan Co, KY
PUGH, Joseph Wesley; {M}; 1812-1877; VA
PUGH, Kern; {M}
PUGH, Martha; {F}; 1843-; Morgan Co, KY
PUGH, Sarah; {F}; 1845-1864; Morgan Co, KY
PUGH, William; {M}
PUGH, William; {M}; Morgan Co, KY at White Oak Cemetery
PUGH, Willie (PUGH, William); {M}; Morgan Co, KY at White Oak Cemetery

PULLUM, Anna; {F}

PURCIFUL, Jacob; {M}; 1811-1885

PURPURA, Matthew; {M}

PUSATERIA, John C; {M}; 1917-1996; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY

PUSH, Tony; {M}; 1902-1980

PUSTERI, Cosmo; {M}
PUSTERI, Josepha Marie; {F}

PUTNAM, Abner; {M}; 1815-
PUTNAM, Lucinda; {F}; 1840-; Laurens, Laurens Co, SC

PYLES, Anita Gayle; {F}; 1952-
PYLES, Barbara Kaye; {F}; 1954-
PYLES, Deborah Kaye; {F}; 1954-
PYLES, Dianna; {F}; 1960-
PYLES, Forest Odell; {M}; 1966-
PYLES, Mule; {M}

Palmisano, Biagia; {F}; 1922-; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY at home
Palmisano, Blaise\Bess (Palmisano, Biagia); {F}; 1922-; Rochester, Monroe Co, NY at home
Palmisano, Girolama; {F}

Pappas, John L; {M}; 1912-1994; Buffalo, Erie Co, NY

Perna, Frank; {M}

Petras, Irene G; {F}; 1923-1997; West Seneca, Erie Co, NY

Phillips, Lisa Kay; {F}; 1971-

Pritchard, Jane Dover; {F}; 1924-

Purpura, Lawrence J; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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